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Mittwoch, 09.02.2012 - Orangepicking in Waikerie

Hey mates.. For this time I'm gonna write in english so the people I'm traveling with at the moment know that I don´t talk bad about'em. Yesterday we've had our last day on the orange farm in Waikerie. It was the first and last time that I've been doing fruitpicking. Such a shit job.. Let's start from the beginning.. We arrived in Waikerie last friday, the 27th of jan. The guy who gave us the job introduced us in the town, showed us all the important places like the farm house, the public toilet and the free camp site where we were staying. It was a hot day, so it was quite handy, that we've had a huge river next to our campsite, without snakes, sharks, crocs or anything else which wants to kill you, so we could go for a swim whenever we wanted to. Later on that day we've met a dutch and a german couple who arrived at the same day as we did. We parked our cars next to each other so we became neighbours right away. The dutch couple is Libby and Nick, the germans are Katherina and Andreas. Next day we started working straight away for 8 or 9 hours. Even on the first day we recognised, that orange picking is totaly underpaid. The bins are massive! One bin is 400kg heavy, which is a lot of oranges. We're getting 25$ per bin - before tax. So actually we're getting 20$ per bin, which takes us about two and a half ours to pick. The trees are like five meters high and you have to pick every fucking single orange. When you leave more than three oranges in a tree, they charge you five dollars per tree, cause they have to send somebody who comes to clean it up. So in fact, you're climbing up a ledder to get to the top of the tree, then you're like leaning over the edge of the ledder to reach all the oranges on the top, then you pick your way down till the bottom and when that all is clean, we actually have to monkey up the tree into the centre, climbing between all the branches and spikes up to 4-5m above the ground and pick the oranges you couldn't reach from outside. So all in all it was pretty hard work.. Hot, wet (the water sprenklers used to be on) and you're getting cuts all over your arms. You have spikes in your hands and every day after work you're sitting there, trying to pull all the spikes out of your fingers. Max got sick after three days, so he's had to stay in the tent all day and sleep, which ment for me that I gotta pick on my own. Fair enough, it's boring, but still better than doing nothing. But the good thing was, as soon as you leave the block after work, you already forgot how shit it was. When we got back to our campsite it was just like a long camping holiday. We were cooking all together between our cars, we've had BBQ's at the river, went for a swim almost every day, tried to catch some fish or played Boule in the sand. About every second night, we've had a big campfire, even we had to get up at 5.30am to start working at 6.00am. But all together, the job was too underpaid to stay, we were just wasting our time, so we decided to go somewhere else. I'm still in contact with my mates from Darwin, so I called my old boss from the biketaxi thing and have had a chat with him if it's worth it to come to Darwin and work for him again. He ment it's still good money and they are looking for more riders, so when I come and bring hin some riders he sorts me out with some free shifts. That means for me, if I have a week without the rents, I can earn heaps of cash from the first day. And that's the best opportunity I've got at the moment, so we looked for some people who share the fuel costs with us and drive to Darwin. We're gonna be a group of 11 people, two cars and one van. On the way is Ayers Rock, the huge red stone in the middle of Australia, which I was looking for for a long time. It's gonna take us about 8 or 9 days to get to Darwin, but from then I can make cash from the first day. I just hope the car will make a good job and everything's gonna be alright.. Ok, that's it, I'm pretty tired and it's gonna be a exhausting day tomorrow. We'll start at 9.00am and it's already 1.40am.. Well, then have a good night, hope to get back to you soon..
8.2.12 22:11

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